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The Shoutout Section

Here you will find links to some of our friends in charity, social enterprise and business across the UK.

Please contact us anytime if you would like us to champion a cause or business. 

Shout Out To Great Causes And Great People

Champions of great people and great causes and great initiatives

Independent businesses and Entrepreneurs

We support every good cause we possibly can through donations and active participation.

We are developing this town by town, city by city and into the heart of every community.

A message from John..

I started JR Pat Testing in 2014 as a one-man band. Over the years the business has grown into a national company, providing PAT and other core compliance services. We also deliver E-Learning in over 100 accredited courses covering a wide range of subjects from Fire Marshalling to Mental Health Awareness, Social Media, and Business Development.

I am delighted with our Shout Out Community section on our website where we Shout Out about great causes, enterprises, charities, and people. We welcome any groups, individuals and SME’s who would like us to champion them.
My proudest moment is every day when I talk with my team and thank my lucky stars I am working with such wonderful people. I am also so lucky to have such a great army of engineers all over the country. 
I sincerely appreciate you all.
Best Regards John
Be Champions

We want you to feel empowered and become champions. Be Champions is the platform created to help you reach your full potential and express yourself. With various resources, mentorships, self-belief programming, and team building activities, we strive to provide a safe and inspiring place for individuals and groups in sports, business or education. Our goal is for everyone to find inspiration within themselves so they can inspire those around them.

Help for Heroes

We are a charity that help the Armed Forces community live well after service.

Life can be tough when a military career comes to an end, especially if it has been cut short by illness or injury.

Overnight, people lose not only their job, but also a support network that is like family.

There are many ways we help veterans, their relatives, serving personnel, and people who worked alongside the UK military.

We help people with their physical and mental health needs, and a range of welfare issues.

Paignton Zoo is a conservation and education charity in South Devon. With over 2000 animals and countless plants across 80 acres, you’re in for a fantastic day out! We’re part of Wild Planet Trust, a charity dedicated to helping halt species decline. Discover your favourite species, big and small, including gorillas, orang-utans, giraffes, tigers, crocodiles, red pandas and rhinos, and be ready for a few surprises along the way. Paignton Zoo is a place to roam, discover, learn and get in touch with nature. There are play areas, food and drink outlets and a shop full of unique gifts. We are a member of BIAZA and EAZA and part of Wild Planet Trust.

Depending on your level of spend on our services, we can offer you and your colleagues a choice of these:

  • Sponsor an animal.
  • Be a Zoo Keeper for the day.
  • An animal experience day.
  • A fabulous team-building experience with barbecue.
  • A family pass.
  • An annual pass.


Donate to Paignton Zoo

Your contribution to Paignton Zoo’s conservation work, both locally and overseas, is invaluable. Every donation, big or small, can have a lasting impact and help this vital work to continue. Be part of something special and make your donation today!

Rogue Debby Crash Test

We met in an online support group during Lockdown. We connected. We helped each other. We decided more people needed this in their lives.
Rogue Debby CIC was born.
Fast forward to now and our online peer-support groups are connecting people from as far as Scotland down to Australia…
We help each other live, thrive and do more than survive with the mental & physical symptoms of Chronic Illnesses and we do it with humour and grace.
Our groups and gigs are free… we create art to fund our work, so if you know someone who could benefit from peer-support…
BUY OUR ART and let them know we exist!

Climate Action Project in Western Kenya

Hundreds of thousands are on the move in Eastern Africa. Three years of failed harvests followed by this year’s drought have decimated their farms. Where cattle grazed now there are only carcasses, the communities are heading for towns and camps in the hope of food aid. They flee across borders to regions of neighbouring Kenya – which are affected by the same drought.

Life in the Non-League

A documentary produced by Be Champions TV for the Rymans Premier league and Wingate and Finchley FC.

Fundraiser for Tommy's, the baby charity

We needed to run for a charity that meant a lot to all of us.. and Tommy’s was the perfect choice.


We all carry in our heart and memory babies and their families. As midwives we have seen the pain of miscarriage and stillbirth first hand. These babies are never forgotten but stigma often prevents others from talking about these babies. Tommy’s do a fantastic job for women and their families going through the tragedy of loss as well as the joy and fears of a rainbow pregnancy. 


Tommy’s provide expert advice and fund pioneering research to prevent stillbirth, miscarriage and premature birth. Your sponsorship allows Tommy’s to continue their vital work – in short you’re helping save babies’ lives.

Please give generously, your support means the world to us.

St Nicholas Priory

Founded in 1087, St Nichoals Priory is the oldest building in the city of Exeter. It was originally used as a monastery by monks of the Benedictine order who stayed there for over five centuries. Sold by The Crown following the dissolution of the order by King Henry VIII, the property was then purchased by Robert Mallet who leased it out as a prestigious townhouse. The estate passed into the ownership of a religious institution again in 1775 when it was taken over by the Roman Catholic Mission. Restored to reflect much of its original splendour, the Priory is now a Grade 1 listed building and recognised heritage site.

Now run by Exeter Historic Buildings Trust (EHBT), St Nicholas Priory has now been made accessible to the public to visit. You can explore the priory for free on Sundays and Mondays, and thy run many events throughout the year. You can also book a private tour or a school visit, and you can even get married here.


As a registered charity, EHBT relies on donations to continue to keep the building open for the public to enjoy.  



St. Nicholas Priory, The Mint, Exeter, Devon EX4 3BL

Registered charity number: 1054232


Christians Against Poverty

Offer great support for people struggling with Debt

Support for people struggling to feed themselves


Support for people struggling with bereavement

Main website that can give advice on many areas such as employment including self employment, jobs, housing, pensions.

National Helplines

Are you in need of help? Click below to find out more information about National Helplines and how they can support you.


Web page will direct you to your local council for immediate help.

Email: [email protected]


Weekly Meetups


Search for local group available. Web form available.

Great Enterprises & Entrepreneurs

Colourbridge South West

Colourbridge Southwest is a company that provides a range of printing solutions and services to individuals, businesses, and organizations.


Colourbridge uses state-of-the-art printing technology to create high-quality, bespoke designs that meet their client’s needs. They work closely with their clients from the concept and design stage, right through to the final product to ensure that their clients get exactly what they want.


Colourbridge Southwest takes pride in their ability to deliver exceptional customer service and provide affordable printing solutions to their clients. Their services are aimed at helping their clients elevate their brand identity and make a lasting impression on their customers.


Business & Marketing

Business & Marketing Solutions is an independent company specialising in business and marketing strategies to take your business to the next level.

If you are you looking to grow your business, increase revenue, or reach a new audience, then look no further, we can help you achieve your goals. Director, Pippa Craddock is a creative and imaginative senior marketer with over 25 years of proven experience of strategic marketing, brand development and project management.

Services offered include: marketing and brand strategy, marketing delivery, research and analysis, project management and business planning.

Get in touch with Pippa:

Contact Us

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week allowing you to contact us for a consultation whenever you need us.

We are specialists in providing Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) with bespoke and tailored packages to your specific requirements. It does not matter how small or large your PAT requirements are; it does not matter where you are or how many locations you have. Contact us today for a quotation or to ask questions of any size.

wildlife with JR

In association with the Wild Planet Trust, we are raising money for

Depending on your level of spend on our services, we can offer you and your colleagues a choice of these:

  • Sponsor an animal.
  • Be a Zoo Keeper for the day.
  • An animal experience day.
  • A fabulous team-building experience with barbecue.
  • A family pass.
  • An annual pass.


Wild Planet Trust Logo
A giraffe, lion and gorilla in one photo